International Art Collective
2017 — current

Bruxas Bruxas is an artist collective invested in good vibrations and planetary peace in search of alternative futures founded in difference and multiplicity. Our assemblage of critical thinkers facilitates productions ranging from drag performances, slam poetry, hip-hop to principles of anarchy, social justice, Western aesthetic emancipation, and political consciousness.
 These ingredients define our identities and motivate us to perform fluidly, while maintaining a common mission: making art for a community by a community. Artists Alvaro Jordan, Ciara Newton, Kristina Bivona, and Xalli Zuniga are the founding members of our socially conscious collective, where we unite to create constellations grappling with intersections of race, oppression, supremacy, and community. We celebrate performance, allyship, and creative pedagogy for an ongoing collage of Otherness.