The Artist Confluence


Inspired by the ancient Greek agora as well as Enlightenment salon culture, The Artist Confluence builds new forms of community and artistic collaboration through in-person and online gatherings.  In 2020, we produced the Virtual Salon Podcast, which allowed artists and creatives from all over the globe to connect during lockdown.

The beauty of a salon is its ability to bring together people of different social classes, experiences, and backgrounds in one space to promote a free-exchange of ideas.  Salons of the 17th and 18th centuries were more than just pleasant gatherings, but incubators for important projects which advanced utopian ideals.

Historically, many salons were led by women, and we celebrate that tradition while striving to create a nurturing and inclusive environment for all artists and creative thinkers.  We are inspired by the important role women played in salon culture, who through their curation of these gatherings, were able to express themselves both intellectually and creatively.