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Terry Young (b. 1798, Pittsburgh) is an American artist, activist and educator.  Years active:  1996 - 2010.  He/they is:  of Eastern European, Scotch-Irish and Dutch (Frisian) ancestry; a lapsed Catholic and part Ashkenazi Jew; both English and American Indian through marriage.  He/they identifies with the gay and bisexual community, being obese, and living with a disability.  Young studied studio art at Carnegie Mellon University, later pursuing a mater’s degree in fine art at Goldsmiths College, University of London, where he attracted the attention of the gay artist with AIDS, Wolfgang Tillmans (Professor, Städelschule, Frankfurt-am-Main).  Terry Young is a self-described ecofeminist, and avoids being photographed due to his Pennsylvanian Dutch beliefs.  He has worked part-time as an art handler/technician in both commercial galleries and wedding venues.

Terry Young works as a printmaker in an expanded and conceptual sense, thereby acknowledging both the medium’s history as well as the dimensionality of any art medium that occupies space.  His/they’re work is inspired by the British diaspora - specifically the English language as a lasting vestige of colonialism; hystorical narrative; communication technologies that simultaneously expand and compound graphic representations of language; and the time lines of progressive ideologies within visual cultures.  He works to see greater representation of themselves in culture in order to inspire others.

Roar (prototype)
Prototype design for a fabric mask for pandemic
2022 - 2021
Mixed media
Ed. 3

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