Where would we be without the Odalisque? The heavy-hipped and bosomy, the indentured tourist of decadence, the subjugate to sex, the listener, the illuminator, the slutty consultant, and, most importantly, the once-in-a-lifetime purveyor of unforgettable head. 

For SB22, Bruxas Bruxas members Torey Akers, Ciara Newton, Laurel Charleston and Kristina Bivona (in tandem with the non-profit online gallery jargonist) endeavor to dismantle the spectre of unsavory sexuality too often hidden behind closed doors. The artists will stage a boudoir for languorous flesh, for charmers and hustlers who navigate honest depictions of the body as an unfettered vessel for storytelling. Our interpretation of “Naked Lunch” reframes the human form as its own stream-of-consciousness, an organic strain of morphine bucking against rote “obscenity”. Our space will frontline the untold story of the muse, the object of indulgence, the back-alley Boudicca, the trap queen. We celebrate those who harness their own sexual prowess for good, evil, or survival. We seek to depict a praxis of adornment as an arch, embattled antidote. We choose to envelop our booth in the acid haze of clandestine erotics rendered political through exposure.

jargonist features these three artists whose works live in sorority with one night stands, hotel tricks, and whore-celebre, a rich and reactionary site for untying the girdle of the mundane grind. The excess we presuppose in the history of art, with its multifarious military, familial, and pheremonal intersections will be laid bare in the contemporary landscape of algorithmic exhaustion. There is no exterior gaze, only avatar-existence.

By sharing works that showcase the ironic vulnerability of the Odalisque, that unsavory woman who runs the world, we invoke the power to excavate late capitalist hierarchy. We know all the secrets, we stopped listening to the scotch-induced rants of our lovers centuries ago. The bodily memory of the Odalisque is a map of global systems, anti-colonialist histories, and regurgitated hegemony revealed. The reactionary complex of these pieces present the piqued nipple of someone else’s wife as a narrative unto itself. 

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About jargonist

jargonist is a project space collaborated by artists who educate and educators who create art. This is reciprocal process is a lifestyle and the artists and thinkers who propogate jargonist exhibitions work together to respond to circumstance and share resources, no matter if they are in ample or meek supply. Our efforts begin the legacy of art undeterred by borders, educational status, media, or beauty standards. 

On this site you many find artworks, interpersonal and public engagments, lesson plans, reading lists, curriculum outlines, student works, curatorial experaments, and shared resources. 

We hope it is fun, we hope that you find it interesting. And we hope you find comfort in any discomfort you may feel. 

Most of all we hope you find a good reason to explore beyond your current base of knowledge. 

jargonist is curated by Kristina Bivona. This project site is part of her practice as artst, teacher, and writer. Please email with any questions so she may help connect you with any of the jargonist artists. jargonist has an evolving and experimental format and follows the concept of each presenting artist.

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