Liza Sokolovskaya


Liza Sokolovskaya is a Brooklyn based painter and printmaker. She was born on a hot summer day in Tashkent only to end up in cold and snowy Montreal almost a decade later. Nowadays you can find her in her shared studio in Sunset Park, making a mess while her studio mate isn’t looking.

She received her BFA from Concordia University and her MFA from the New York Academy of Art.

She works with oil, watercolor, pastels, acrylic and has taken up weaving in order to satisfy her curiosity and love for materials. Her interest in understanding these materials guide her art making which is full of trial and error.


My practice revolves around questions of the self. In my mind the world and people around me have defined roles, forms, qualities. I, on the other hand, feel amorphous and undefined. Nothing seems to be set in stone with me, not my moods, not my desires, not my feelings, not even my face and body. They change by the minute. I feel like the shaky line of an old school animation, like the blurry shape behind a matte window.

Making art allows me to freeze a moment in time, focus on it. Suddenly I gain definition, and my edges become sharp. This is one mood, that is one feeling, there is one need.

The limitations of painting make me anxious. How can an all encompassing creature be translated in one medium. Within me lives a multitude of other beings, bacteria, viruses, mites, thoughts of my mother, moods of my father, little Liza and old Liza. They make me but neither are the current me. They all need a different medium to live outside this body, be seen outside this body.

I weave my flesh, embroider my skin, paint my moods, draw my faces. All that to extract the facets that are inside and have them visible. Speaking in their mother tongue of string, beads, pastels and acrylic skins.