Perspective Exhibition Statement

Perspective is an exploration of collaboration. Liza Sokolovskaya and Emily Carrig express themselves in different ways, but overlap in content, color, and concept. What I enjoy most about the partnership between these two artists is that they always leave room for others to add to the conversation. They bring people together through The Artist Confluence.

Sokolovskaya is constantly analyzing herself from different vantage points. She explores and expresses the multiplicity she finds within through her play and experimentation with materials. Each material lends itself to a different part of herself. As she comes to understand these different parts, how they function, what they mean to her, and how others might perceive them, she gives us a glimpse of her self discovery through her artwork. Whether she uses acrylic paint skins and textiles to explore the physical and tactile nature of the body, or shaving cream and pastels to dive into the psychological and emotional nature of the self, Sokolovskaya is not afraid to challenge herself in her exploration and she generously takes us along for the fantastic ride.

Inspired by the expressionists, Carrig is a painter that expresses the world around her from a woman’s perspective. Her use of color, mark making and distortion puts us in a place of quiet chaos. The figures themselves often feel contemplative and somewhat passive, but the space around them creates an energy that sets the tone and even seems to engulf the figures. Whether she paints figures, portraits or landscapes, Carrig has a way of creating a world so interconnected that each element is dependent on the other for existence.

Both strong artists on their own, these two have combined forces to create a space of community and vision known as The Artist Confluence. Carrig and Sokolovskaya bring artists together from all over the world through their virtual art salons and create programming that is shared though their podcast. They are eager to learn from other artists’ experiences and share their own. They’ve carefully cultivated a safe space for open discussion. They support every member of the confluence, highlighting their work on instagram and amplifying their voices via the podcast. These women believe in the value of uplifting others and the power of a village, and as the art world continues to shift, their values and expert skill are what make them a force to be reckoned with.

About The Curator

Robyn Gibson is an emerging artist and curator living and working in Brooklyn, New York. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Louisville in 2014, earning a BFA in Painting and a BSBA in Marketing. Since receiving her MFA in 2018 from the New York Academy of Art, Gibson has been developing her multidimensional art practice.

Gibson’s curatorial practice primarily focuses on BIPOC narratives and visibility, activism and community building and healing, and amplifying voices often pushed to the margins. As artists continue to be at the forefront of change, Gibson believes it’s important to hold safe spaces for artists and creators who identify as BIPOC, Women, and LGBTQ+. Just because groups have been pushed to the side doesn’t mean they haven’t existed. In their existence they’ve experienced lifetimes of events and have stories that need to be shared. As our community engages with work that is created from a genuine place, our society is free to learn about its own humanity. Gibson believes that curating is a form of activism. She hopes her purposeful actions will lead to monumental change.