Adinah Dancyger (featuring Mykki Blanco)
I Want A Dyke For President
Video HD
I Want A Dyke For President is a saturation of time, image, and emotion. Dancyger collaborated with Blanco in 2018 during the formidable US election of Donald Trump for a tenacious and sensitive reading of Zoe Leonard’s “I Want a Dkye for President”. 
The collision of creative sincerity and the gravity of these words have resonated for decades in the United States and bare testiment to the need for a total moral inventory of democracy in late capitalim. 

Elise Warfield
Mountain Magic 
Mountain Dew, sequins, and E600
6 x 6 x 12 inches
Elise Warfield gives a cloying glimpse at the cavity laden Americana that permeates mainstream culture. The supercharged aesthetic of Mountain Magic embodies the shifts between a visual hyper color and conceptual darkness present in visual art. The work is both exciting and exposes the excess and social mores we answer to from the phone screen to its counterpart in the gallery white cube.

Brandon Coley-Cox
Ads for As (featuring Dr.Cornel West)
Tik-Tok Video
18 x 24 inches
Brandon Coley Cox engages with media as material. His sensitivity to color and cataclysm flows throughout Ads for As (featuring Dr. Cornel West). Cox challenges our appetite for new media by revealing our conditional relationship to emergent  popular culture and under supported radical thought. Color intercedes his work slowly, with stealth and intent until it has flooded the visual field. Like an old worn out VHS tape the sound undulates throughout the work so we do not forget where we source our distraction and inspirations.

Torey Akers
Mixed Media (oil with graphite on plexglass with pins, sealant, and glass eye)
24 x 24 x 5 inches
Akers’ Venerina is a continuation of her work updating Victorian visual traditions of death and sex engagement. Venerina, or tiny Venus, references a highly aestheticized wax model of young girl created for anatomical study circa 1782. Venerina’s organs were made to be removed, and Akers’ coagulation of oozing straight pins connects the extractive violence of feminine production across centuries. Her painterly poetics invite viewers to consider the way yearning functions in the uncanny valley, recalibrating cultural memory through detail, gesture, and hue.

Philadelphia Printworks(featuring Mayram Pugh) and Brittany Burton
Fuck it Up Sis
Screen print on cotton canvas
11 x 14 inches

No Justice No Peace
Screen print on cotton canvas
11 x 14 inches
Fuck it Up Sis
(2017) No Justice No Peace (2021) are both products fron Philadelphia Printworks. Founder and artist Maryam Pugh has produced and sourced some of the most significant imagery for wearables (and zines) since Philadelphia Printworks was founded in 2010. The print Fuck it Up Sis highlights the uplifting and empowering illustrations by Brittany Burton and No Justice No Peace is the continuation of anti-racism and resistance around the globe.

Sky Kesler
Scorpio Rising
Digital Artwork
18 x 22 inches
Edition 1 of 3
Sky Kesler breaks down barriers with a sensitive brightness in Scorpio Rising. Kesler’s hyper color is balanced by tender perseverance  displaying friendship, celebration, and intimacy. Their brightness unveils the many facets of underground meaning in community and esoteric practice. These elements are hidden in corners, environmental details, and whimsy throughout Scorpio Rising. 

(A)bove the Clouds
Ink on paper
Variable Size
Infinite’s engagement in color shows that the light and dark spots in life cannot be pulled apart. Both celebratory, visually descriptive, and morose Infinite uses representative imagery to charge powerful conversation.
Working in black and white, in large and small scale, and in indoor and public spaces Infinite’s work does not privilege format and context. His practice is never limited to one kind of exhibition space or audience and exemplifies commitment to intimacy in art and the ability to share as an action.

Pieza Collective: Daniel Arturo Almeida, Dulce
Lamarca and Maximilian Juliá
Pieza -Summer 21 
Set of 28 engraved domino pieces and wooden box
3 x 8.4 x 2.55 inches (box)
1 x 2 x 0.3 inches (each domino piece)
Edition 1 of 3
Pieza is an artist collective which hosts domino games as a special place where the family kitchens, public plazas, and street corners of domino competition move into art contexts. Each domino tournament is attended by guest artists and friends as well as an open link to the public where guests can participate in the skilled but casual game of domino. These domino games are a quintessential way to understand the importance of our cultural and community environments as casual yet powerful.

Emmy Bright
Rainbow Problems: Two Sides Same Coin
Silkscreen and Paper
18 x 24 inches
Edition one of five
Rainbow Problems: Two Sides Same Coin is a deconstructed conceptual bridge between color and black and white. Bright uses the trope of the rainbow in an abstract form to show the asymmetry in every use of color and mark. Juxtaposed by the text “Always Fine/Never Fine” the contrast shows that in this breakdown of color the only consistency is a guarantee of inconsistency. 

Jazzmint Dash
Wave Rider
Machine Woven Polyester Tapestry
8 x 6 inches
Edition 1 of 10

Boardwalk Rodeo

Machine Woven Polyester Tapestry
7 x 6 1/4 inches
Edition 1 of 5
Jazzmint Dash traverses the exciting world between entourage and awkwardness with Wave Rider and Boardwalk Rodeo. Their colorful depictions of the New Jersey sea shore are fantastic, “cheap”, and precous. Jazzmint strings together the kitsch and glee of a comical and bawdy wonderland by working beyond the limitations of mere image, textile, performance, or fashion.

Tamara Santibañez Sombrero
Sombrero, sequins, metallic thread, pyramid studs, embroidered cloth
24 x 24 x 7 inches
Santibanez’s symbolism in Sombrero highlights the constancy of racist policing by citizens in the United States. Sombrero uses embroidered “Cattle Decapitation” logos referencing two Mohawk teens who attended a college tour only to have a fellow tour goer attempt to have them arrested or worse. These subtle and precise references highlight the dangerous the imbedded language of profiling and xenophobia in the US: where it does not matter who has rights to be somewhere, if you are not of the status quo you are at risk

Nikki Lau
Tsingtao Neon
Spray paint, wood, epoxy, and stoneware
15 x 16 x 1/2 inches
Nikki Lau’s practice is earnestly in the pursuit of “A world where everything is a little bit kinder, gentler, more patient and empathic...”
Her work Tsingtao Neon cleverly unites the importance of origin, discomfort, and nuance in a bright and celebratory clay work. Lau’s reference to neon signage also plays on the role of gentrification and appropriation of neon signage. Here the semiotic charge of the original storefront signage is loaded and fethishized for a distinct form of signifucation in appropriation. 

Glow in the Dark is on view at AIR Gallery in Brooklyn, NY through August 1st. Please click here to visit. 
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“Where else do I theorize but the dancefloor?” (Ariel Goldberg)

A special thank you to Emmy Bright, Christian Camacho-Light, and Torey Akers for your guidance throughout the formation of Glow in the Dark.