Jargonist Mission

Jargonist is a project space collaborated by artists who educate and educators who make art. This is something we do as a way of life. We work together to respond to our circumstances and share resources when they are in ample or in meek supply.

Our efforts continue the legacy of curation and creativity surrounded by the structures we did not make, be it borders, schools, media, or beauty. Inherent to our work is the contestation of the very thing that enables us: the institution. Jargonist then serves as a meeting point where we highlight the use of our practices to find better ways to communicate, support one another, and suss out satisfaction despite adversity. We cross rifts and question presupposed boundaries. We flirt with autonomy and conceptualize the now. Overall, Jargonist is a celebration of what it means to learn from one another. We are fundamental and our ways of seeing, seeking, and speaking are constantly in flux. We are the parade of language that swarms the statues of society.

On this site you will find artworks, interpersonal and public engagements, experiments, and a shared resource of communal learning. We hope that it is fun, we hope that you find comfort in any discomfort, and we hope you draw few conclusions. Most of all we hope you find a good reason to explore beyond your current knowledge.

The Jargonist site was developed in gracious collaboration with the inaugural exhibiting artists of Pieza, Daniel Arturo Almeida, Maximilian Juliá, Dulce Lamarca and curator Kristina Bivona, hosted by Columbia University’s Teachers College.