jargonist supports artists within the histories of incarceration, topics of race, the parade of language, and the ensemble of gender. jargonist values the ascension of artists amidst a landscape of specialized knowledge in art. we support the underrepresented art and the B-sides of an artist's practice that keep them afloat between bodies of work.

By supporting an artist lesser-known works, the artists teaching practice, their passion projects, and their social activism we help new subjects emerge. jargonist offers support where others have not. Whether it be due to marginalization, stigma, or the limited opportunities afforded to practicing artists amidst the "art world jargon” we foresee an art world where artists get to decide what constitutes meaningful work and not the players of capital.

jargonst celebrates the loquacious poet, the color labor of the painter, the binary blending of the printmaker, the street lurch of the performance artist, the dust drawn walls of the sculptor and everything in between.


jargonist is available for curatoral and teaching consultancy. Please contact kristina@jargonist.org for this or any artist information

jargonist is hosted by Kristina Bivona and was founded in 2019 during the Covid quarantine with support from a diversity initiative at Columbia University. Since then Bivona has sustained jargonist as a curated online collection with installations by

Lex Brown, Ash Arder, Pieza Domino by Daniel Almeida, Dulce Lamarca, & Maximilian Julia, Eric Mason, Ciara Newton, Torey Akers, art collective Bruxas Bruxas, curatorial collaborator Gerald Brown exhibiting “Thee Architects” Eugene Ofori, Joann Quiñones, Rodrigo Lara, Paul Briggs, Isaac Scott, Habiba El-Sayad, Malene Barnett, artist and curatorial collaborator Robyn A. Gibson, Xiang Long Li, Emma Bergman and James Jones, and collective podcast The Artist Confluence by Liza Sokolovskaya and Emily Carrig, and special inclusions by Tamara SantibanezMykki Blanko and Adinah Dancyger .